Classes Resume

We hope you are having a great summer. We just want to let you know that due to the unavailability of the Forum we are starting our Tuesday classes, a bit later than usual, on Tuesday 24th September. We will take our registration on that day as well as starting the classes. The times for our Tuesday classes will be as follows:

    4:00  -  4:45   Nursery, Primary 1 and Primary 2
    4:45  -  5:30   Primary 3 and Primary 4
    5:30  -  6:10   Primary 5 and Primary 6
    6:10  -  6:45   Primary 7

As we do not wish to disrupt the Primary 7 and transfer test pupils we shall have their classes, as usual, in the Forum on Tuesdays from 6:10 to 6:45 in the meantime.

The classes for the senior pupils will resume on Thursday 19th September in our house. The times for these groups will be the same as last year.

We would like to wish all our pupils who are doing GCSE and A Level examinations all the best