The MacCafferty School of Music

Founder: James MacCafferty

Annual Charity Class Feis Results  -  12th June 1982

Special Care Centre, Northland Road


Singing  -  Girls under 6 years

1st  Colleen Wilkinson & Orla Leppard

2nd Lorraine Cullen & Aisling Anderson

3rd Helen Curley, Ruth McGinley Clare McGillan & Helena Anderson


Singing  -  Boys under 6 years    

1st  Paul Curran

2nd Damien Clarke

3rd Conor McGlinchey, Kieran Heraghty & Terance Kelly


Singing  -  Girls 6 - 8 years

1st  Eliza Jane MacCafferty

2nd Roisin Rice

3rd Jennifer Curren & Niamh Fisher


Singing  -  Boys 6-8 years

1st  Peter Anderson

2nd Ruairi McFaul

3rd Laurence Quigg & Patrick Doherty


Singing  -  Girls 8-10 years   

1st  Roisin McLaughlin & Sinead Henderson

2nd Ciara Ward & Ann McLaughlin

3rd Bronagh MacCafferty, Grainne Leppard & Eimear Bryson


Singing  -  Boys 8-10 years     

1st  Cahir Coyle

2nd Joseph Murray


Singing  -  Girls 10-12   

1st  Mairead McCormick

2nd Christine O’Kane & Shauna McDevitt

3rd Karen McBride & Dervla Ramsey


Singing  -  Boys 10-12 years

1st  John Murray

2nd Paul Anderson & Michael Harkin

3rd Conor O’Somachain


Singing  -  Boys over 12 years

1st  Thomas Sweeney

2nd Niall O’Somachain

3rd Peter Hyndman


Singing  -  Girls 12-14 years    

1st  Seodhna Quigley

2nd Martina O’Hagan

3rd Rachel Fisher


Singing  -  Sacred Solo 12-14 years    

1st  Joanne McLaughlin

2nd Catriona McCormick

3rd Rachel Fisher


Singing  -  Girls 14-16 years    

1st  Caroline Morris & Cathy Moran

2nd Margaret Clifford

3rd Patricia O’Hagan & Catherine O’Doherty


Singing  -  Sacred Solo 14-16 years    

1st  Caroline Morris & Margaret Clifford

2nd Cathy Moran & Patricia O’Hagan